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Wuhou Team

    "Sichuan Rong Wei Security Services, LLC Wuhou Brigade" - is the first in southwest Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau approved the establishment of the "Sichuan Rong Wei security service limited liability company," the Crown agency, is a set of air defense, physical defense and anti-technology combination of new standardized security services company. Battalion provides specialized security services paid for society, enterprises, is to assist the public security organs to maintain law and order, control and reduction of auxiliary power delinquency is for personal safety, a variety of temporary events (all types of sporting events, concerts, song Friends, cultural activities, celebration, exhibition, etc.) and private homes to provide safe transportation checks, technical prevention, site security professional security services companies. 
      I attach great importance to the security forces brigade building work into strict, and strictly in accordance with the Regulations] [security service requirements to recruit qualified security guards for our customers to provide standardized units of the security services. 

Zonta entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, pioneering and innovative 
Philosophy of integrity, mutual, professional, brand 
Quality honesty, quality first, and constantly improve the internal management and to meet customer demand. 
Management objectives above 99% customer satisfaction, customer complaint rate of 100% knot to do, no major accidents. 

Team Leader: Wu Zhongguo 
Battalion Address: Wuhou Chengdu Jinhua Jinhua Town Point Club a beautiful street a 3-1 
Contact: 028-80450958
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